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Version 3.3 out now!

There are some bug fixes and optimisations as well as WordPress 6.3 and WooCommerce 8.0 compatibility.

What can I set on the features page?

Set JPG quality of images With a value between 1 – 100 you can determine the (JPG) quality of the uploaded images. For example, it is advisable to set the value to 55-65 for ordinary projects in order to save about 50% of the data volume that is transferred with each page view. If the […]

jado Starter & WooCommerce

The Starter Theme (from version 2.4) is also designed for WooCommerce. All you have to do is comment out the following line of code in style.scss: @import "assets/woocommerce"; enable when using woocommerce Please enter all design changes in /lib/scss/assets/_woocommerce.scss.

Who is the jado Starter Theme for?

The WordPress theme is intended for developers who want to build a high-performance and lean website that focuses on SEO, performance and responsiveness. You should have experience in SCSS and PHP/wordPress.

How do I integrate a new font?

Go to the Webfonthelper and copy the WOFF and WOFF2 files here and move them into the fonts folderr – copy the CSS into the _typography.scss and create a variable for the new font/font style if necessary