⏳ SEO = Performance

Page performance or loading speed is playing an increasingly important role in SEO (search engine optimization).

For example, Google evaluates the loading of a page and its code quality/structure as well as the content and page structure.
That’s why we developed the WordPress theme in such a way that it is an optimal basis for SEO and later Google ranking.

The output of pure HTML without external fonts including styles and minimal scripts is 6kb!

All this WITHOUT any SEO plugins or optimization plugins!

Page Speed Online 100
Page Speed Online 100

Incidentally, Google has been evaluating the websites mobile only since March 2021. After being indexed with mobile first the years before.

A lot of useful (and true) information about SEO and the optimization of websites and web applications can be found directly on Google

The whole thing is also very privacy-friendly, because we have set a meta tag on no-referrer (which should be deactivated for frontend logins!):

<meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer">

We also integrate the web fonts directly (locally) and not like many WordPress themes – which load the fonts directly from the Google server! For the current web browsers we only need 1 (data) format (woff2).

No warning from any people who have found out that you have integrated the Google fonts incorrectly!