⚡ jado Starter Theme v3.3 for WordPress

The jado starter theme for WordPress is this template, which runs here.

It is one of the fastest & leanest WordPress starter templates and is intended as a code base for individual template development.

The theme is fully responsive and can also be easily capped in the design (maximum content width, maximum font sizes from a certain viewport width)

Version 3.3 is equipped with the following features!

Further features that can be easily de-/activated via the settings page:

  • Admin bar in frontend is not output
  • Emojies are disabled
  • Comment function deactivatable
  • Show post/page thumbnails also in the backend
  • Embeds can be disabled
  • Feeds are disabled
  • SVG upload can be enabled
  • Image compression adjustable (XXX instead of 82 – JPG quality)
  • Gutenberg complete width of a content type
  • jQuery can be enabled
  • And much more!

Features Page:

Theme Functions
Theme Functions
Full-width image thanks to Gutenberg